How to be Healthy?

Modern life is full of stress and everyday problems. We must be healthy and full of energy to cope with all of them. Every morning we rush to work and sometimes just don’t have enough time for breakfast. We don’t even have a minute to realize that skipping breakfast we deprive our mind and body of vital energy. Breakfast is the most important meal and we need it to start a new day. Balance of food, water, sleep and exercise makes you healthy and strong. But how to be healthy? Let’s discuss important facts that helps you to be strong and healthy.

Key tips to be healthy and strong

Food-It is very important to think how and what we eat because it effects our health a lot. Always be conscious about your food. Positive eating habits leads to have strong and healthy body which obviously leads towards a happy person.


  • Don’t ever skip breakfast
  • Try to eat 500 grams of fruits and vegetables per day
  • Take your dinner 30 mins before going to bed, after dinner try to do light exercise or go for a walk
  • Try to eat light food for evening meals

Exercise- It’s not a secret but doing sports will improve your health. You don’t have to become a champion – doing some exercises every day will help you become more fit and have a positive impact on your mental health and mood. No doubt, you will feel much better after a short run or a workout instead of usual watching TV.


List of sports you can be engaged in:

  • Running
  • Gym
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Biking

Take plenty of water- Drink plenty of pure water, but only ‘pure water’. There is a distinction between pure water and tap or bottled water. Tap water, which is normally chlorinated and fluoridated, is extremely toxic. Also, bathing or swimming in chlorinated water speeds up your absorption of the chlorine, which is a known carcinogen and is a cause of bladder and rectal cancer. Fluoride, which is not the amazing tooth decay prevention treatment that was once reported, is a toxic by-product of heavy industry, which has been outlawed in many countries around the world. Your bottled water should not taste of plastic, and if it does it is likely to contain plastic, which breaks down in time and leaves residues in the water. So, if you don’t want plastic in your body choose glass or poly carbonate bottles. A final word about spring water, unfortunately, not all spring water is guaranteed to be free of pollution.

Peace of mind – Our health depends not only on our physical state but also on our mental one. Even if you are completely healthy physically, but if you always worry about something and feel anxiety, you may get very sick. There are real cases known when the doctors are not able to cure a patient, but finally he is cured by achieving peacefulness of mind and finding inner peace. These were all the tips “How to be healthy?” Good health ads spice to your life.

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