Creatine Muscle Builder Review

For some time now, the Creatine Muscle Builder has been one of the most spoken about products in the pre-workout supplement category. Available with a free trial, many people are hopping onto the bandwagon to see what they think about this product.

With a source of natural ingredients that are supposed to make us train harder, feel better and be more likely to press on with our workout success, this can help athletes and bodybuilders get into shape and to train harder, faster and stronger.

How good is it, though? Does it live up to the reputation?

Who Creates The Creatine Muscle Builder Supplement?

Created by Creatine Corp, this is a company that can be a little hard to find information about. Details are thin on the ground, and their overall standards are hard to actually decipher. The lack of information about the company is a little disconcerting, and it’s actually hard to tell if they make any other kind of supplement product outside of the Creatine Muscle Builder.

Does The Creatine Muscle Builder Work?

The rather awkward nature about the manufacturers of the product aside, the Creatine Muscle Builder does provide a wealth of ingredients that are associated with physical performance improvement. With various compounds that allows for our muscle groups to work smarter and harder for longer before they begin to tire out, it’s all about giving the body the right nutritional groups to make success plausible.

With key ingredients loaded within such as amino acids, this can be a great solution to take for improving your overall fitness and form. The ingredient list, though, can be a little unhelpful for those who take a look at it. why? Because the majority of the ingredients come with a lab-name rather than their natural name. Extracted from their natural source into this form, they use different names to do the same thing – that can become a little confusing, but you should be able to get around it relatively easily.

Products such as Nitric Blast Proprietary Blends – a mix of amino acids – and Arginine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate is found in Creatine Muscle Builder, which is a non-essential amino acid itself. It helps to improve the levels of ammonia waste that our bodies get rid of working out, making it much easier for us to perform at our peak.

This product, though, is loaded with various names from L-Citrulline and Calcium Phosphate to Niacin, Yohimbe and Synephrine to name a few: all very powerful solutions for getting ourselves into shape.

Creatine Muscle Builder Pros and Cons

  • Loaded with positive ingredients, this offers a very strong solution for building and managing lean muscle mass.
  • A great pre-workout supplement, with a fine combination of vitamins and minerals that your body can make the most of.
  • Improves body performance using safe and naturally extracted ingredients.
  • A little uncertain about the companies’ background, which can make it hard to commit if you are unsure.
  • A lack of certification from regulatory bodies.


Overall, though, the Creatine Muscle Builder supplement is a strong supplement that has quickly built up quite a reputation for itself. The lack of regulation can put you off the product, but the free trial that is available means that you can try out the product long before you decide if you want to invest some of your hard-earned cash into it.

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